FASD - Building Success for Summer Camp

Camp is such an important part of summer, for youth, their families and caregivers.  In this video we share how camp teams can make the experience successful with knowledge, support and important accommodations.  

Could It Be FASD

A presentation Karen and Michelle facilitated for Parents for Children’s Mental Health.  This video explores the signs and symptoms of FASD and how mental health and FASD can present as well as strategies for support. 

FASD & Educational Accommodations

An excellent resource, this video explores how accommodation in schools and classrooms can set students living with FASD (potential) up for success 


We understand FASD is a brain-based disability. We strive to provide accommodated services and supports..

We recognize that where you were born, live, learn, work, and play affect your health, well-being and sense of belonging.

We know that FASD is different for everyone and we will build a plan that works for you.

We highlight individual strengths and gifts

Photo of four kids with face paing on. They are happy. Two are painted like spiderman, one like a cat, and the last one has a fun design on her face.