We would Be Happy To Assist You

Please complete the referral form to make a referral to Plexus. We offer a network of FASD supports and services in our Community. These include service coordination, assessment, FASD specific day treatment, support groups and recreational opportunities.


The services of the Plexus team are available to children, youth and families living with (potential) FASD up until the age of 18 or 21 and still attending school. You must reside in the Waterloo Region.


A referral can be made by the individual or their legal guardian. Plexus will also accept referrals from extended family members, family physician, or any agency acting on the individual’s/family’s behalf if permission to do so has been provided by the individual or their guardian.

The consent of individuals 16 years of age or older who can understand the implications of assessment/treatment is required when facilitating a referral on their behalf.


If you have questions about referral please email


We understand FASD is a brain-based disability. We strive to provide accommodated services and supports.

We recognize that where you were born, live, learn, work, and play affect your health, well-being and sense of belonging.

We know that FASD is different for everyone and we will build a plan that works for you.

We highlight individual strengths and gifts

Photo of four kids with face paing on. They are happy. Two are painted like spiderman, one like a cat, and the last one has a fun design on her face.