FASD is a spectrum, and everyone’s caregiving journey is different. Caregivers are often faced with a lack support. PLEXUS is here to help you.

Not every child diagnosed with FASD will respond the same way to a strategy. What works today may not work tomorrow. Keep trying different strategies until you find what works for your child. It is important to keep in mind their developmental age as well as the fact that they have a brain-based hidden physical disability. It is important to structure their environment and be “one step ahead” of them to anticipate difficulties.

Connect with us if you need to:

  • Access FASD assessment
  • Learn about FASD
  • Link you to other caregivers for support
  • Find respite care
  • Access FASD informed supports and services

Please call or email Karen or Michelle at:

Karen: 519-741-1121 extension 2246
Michelle: 519-741-1121 extension 2333

email:  plexusfasd@sunbeamcommunity.ca